Capital Management

Stephens’ Asset Allocation Advisor (AAA) strategy provides investors with long-term growth of capital through investments in ten proprietary asset allocation models.

AAA manages client assets on a discretionary basis to model portfolios comprised of exchange traded funds (ETFs) designed to replicate the performance of selected market indexes. The ETFs offer exposure to multiple asset classes that are sufficient to construct diversified model portfolios. Each model portfolio represents an asset allocation that historically experienced strong returns relative to the level of risk since 1986.

The AAA Committee has responsibility for investment policy, strategy and security selection. Our investment process begins with the selection of indices representing the various segments of the market from which we build our portfolios. Those indices are used to construct model portfolios which would have had strong returns relative to the levels of risk and diversification based on historical performance since 1986. Models are updated periodically as additional historical information becomes available.

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