A Conversation With REX Homes

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Stephens is hosting a conference call for institutional investors with the CEO of REX Homes. REX was created in 2015 to bring residential real estate into line with today's expectations by using AI and big data to push past the outmoded practices of traditional real estate brokers to provide a superior outcome for both buyers and sellers at lower costs. In general, the REX fee is 70% less than traditional agent commissions, which usually totals 5-6%. REX is also unique in that it operates outside of the standard MLS system, which allows the Company to control/minimalize both the sell side and buy side fees (ex. Redfin charges 1.0%-1.5% on the sell side but the consumer typically still pays the standard 2.5%-3.0% for the buy side agent).

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