Banks & the Blockchain

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Stephens is hosting a conference call for institutional investors and
community/commercial banks with Mike Cagney from Figure Technologies, as well
as Ryan Zacharia and Adam Aspes from the investment committee of JAM FINTOP.
This call will discuss Figure Technologies' efforts in the financial services space,
including their product set for both individuals and institutions, Figure Pay, as well
as thoughts on how blockchain enabled lending, payments, trading, and servicing
can be a game changer in the financial services space.

In addition, we aim to also learn more about Figure's partnership with JAM
FINTOP Blockchain. We will discuss the fund's purpose, including investing in
blockchain infrastructure companies, but also the aim of building a working group
of banks and regulators to create a regulatory compliant digital marker with
reciprocity amongst banks in the consortium network. We will ask how this type of
widely accepted digital dollar is a better fit for today's environment vs. the existing
available offerings, including stablecoins.

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