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"The cultural fit is one of the biggest reasons why we chose Stephens."

A Conversation With Brad Elliott / Chairman & CEO / Equity Bancshares

The following is a transcript of the video.

The cultural fit is one of the biggest reasons why we chose Stephens. We felt like we could trust them.

Equity Bank is a bank based in Wichita, Kansas. We focus on commercial lending and C&I lending – Customer and Industrial Loans – in that market zone.

We met the Stephens folks about four, five years ago. We started working with them on strategies; they’ve been very integral in how do we create more shareholder value from what we currently had and where we needed to head with our company.

IPO Process, or IPO’ing, is a complex process. You have to align a lot of constituents – our board, our shareholders, our future shareholders, and how were they going to work with management to get us through the process, and then afterwards, making us a great public company.

They were able to balance all of those together and help us lead through that process – and being able to collaborate and align all those different constituents for the end result of everybody being happy one year later has been something that we were very impressed with at the time, but looking back at are even more impressed with.

We felt like the integrity and the values that Stephens has, and I believe it starts at the top with Mr. Stephens, filters down through their company. They’re somebody that’s going to bring a lot of expertise and knowledge to us that we don’t even know we need yet.

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