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"They've taken companies like ours and turned them into companies they dreamed of being."

A Conversation With Matt Kisber / Co-Founder, President, CEO / Silicon Ranch Corporation

The following is a transcript of the video.

They’ve taken companies like ours and turned them into the companies they’ve dreamed of being. We see Stephens as a very important partner in Silicon Ranch’s growth story.

Silicon Ranch develops, constructs, owns and operates large-scale solar farms. We reached out and developed a relationship with Stephens to help us find the specific type of capital partner that could support our growth and help us develop into one of the top 10 solar owner-operators in the country.

Stephens worked with us on putting together the marketing materials for the potential investment into our company, sent it out to a wide range of potential investors, and they were involved with us from the very first of that through the end and the selection process – helping analyze and advise on what each different potential partner brought to the table.

They were very helpful in getting us we think was the absolute right decision, and that was the investment by Partners Group.

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