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"It doesn't always feel transactional with Stephens."

A Conversation With Vic Richey / Chairman, CEO & President / ESCO Technologies, Inc.

The following is a transcript of the video.

It doesn’t always feel transactional with Stephens. You know that they have your best interest at heart. And, that they’re going to try to make this successful.

ESCO is a public company; we’re headquartered in St. Louis. We’re a manufacturer of highly engineered products. We’ve been involved with Stephens over probably the last 15 years. We did sell one of our – it was actually our largest division at the time – a couple years ago, I guess 3 years ago – a company called Aclara. And we did engage Stephens to do that for us. It was really a complex business, plus quite honestly, it wasn’t performing well. So, we really gave them a difficult task.

They basically, every hurdle that we came up to, we worked through it together, always felt like they were really a partner of ours, wanting us to get to where we needed to get to in the most efficient way.

Having an outsider advisor that you can trust is priceless really. And it needs to be someone that isn’t immediately thinking, “Well how can I make money off of this?”

If it’s not the right deal, they’re not gonna try to force it. It’s like, “Okay, that wasn’t the right idea; we’re gonna find the right idea for you.”

That relationship that we’ve developed over the last number of years is really what sets them apart.

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