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November 18, 2019

Q&A: Melissa Walsh, Stephens Public Finance

Experience in education makes Stephens an asset for Arkansas Public Schools.

An interview with Melissa Walsh, Associate Banker of Stephens Public Finance

The backgrounds of those on the Stephens Public Finance team are as diverse and enriching as the Arkansas School Districts the firm calls partners. Their experience in government, finance, school administration and even the classroom gives Stephens a full-circle perspective to work effectively with Arkansas public schools. 

Associate Banker, Melissa Walsh, brings her experience with Teach for America, both as an educator and later an organization leader, to her current role advising Northwest Arkansas School Districts. Helping put students on a path for academic success and helping put Arkansas public school districts on a path for financial success go hand in hand with Walsh’s passion for education. And both make a positive impact on the state Stephens calls home.

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