Private Capital

Stephens Capital Partners is a singular private capital firm. We do not invest other people’s money; we invest our own capital. We are less concerned with exit strategies than in long- term value creation. We don’t want to run companies; we rely on our management partners to do that. And we don’t have a set of fixed investment parameters; we are open to a wide range of industries and transaction structures. Most importantly we are looking for exceptional companies with a clear vision of growth.

We partner with exceptional management teams. We have no industry preferences, and can be majority or minority investors.

A few things we look for:

  • A strong management team with a strong capital incentive to grow the value of the company
  • Transaction sizes of $50-$200 million; but can go smaller or larger
  • Profitable, cash-flow-producing businesses with above-average margins and return on invested capital
  • Companies with growth potential through multiple avenues, not simply stable cash flow that can be leveraged
  • Situations where one or more existing shareholders desire liquidity but there is a continuity of management

A few things we do not look for:

  • Venture capital investments
  • Turnaround situations
  • Investments in other private capital funds

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