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Case Studies

Developing a Strong Financial Structure During Uncertain Times

In need of a hospital, Sevier County, Arkansas leaned on Stephens to guide it in developing a transaction that would not only put the County in the best financial starting position, but also ensure investors would be willing to participate during these uncertain times.  

Nurturing Decades-Long Relationships

A keen interest in school districts’ long-term financial interest and unsurpassed insight into education-related bond financing has helped Stephens Public Finance guide public schools to success. Clearly and accurately explaining those roadmaps enables districts to garner the voting public’s support for those plans.

A Creative Approach

With a creative approach, Stephens helps Fort Smith get the community behind a large investment in its education.

Deep Research and Expert Thinking

How looking at the big picture yielded big results for our client, the City of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Building Value for Our Clients

At Stephens, we are committed to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships delivering long-term results based on deep research and expert thinking.

An Initiative to Save a Region Millions

The effort was a cost savings initiative which, by shortening the bond repayment period of Sampson County’s USDA loans, had the potential to save the region millions. 

Navigating a Challenging Funding Structure

Strong relationships throughout the local communities, uniquely positioned Stephens to successfully market and showcase to investors the project’s importance to downtown Meridian’s growth and development.

Long-term Commitment to Future Growth

It was the time spent on the ground in San Marcos that gave Stephens a distinct local perspective of both the needs and the potential of the community.

Strategic Counsel for a Winning Program

By leveraging financial strengths, the University of Georgia Athletic Association and Stephens strategized a winning program.

Transforming a School System through Deep Expertise

With deep experience in and knowledge of education-related bond financing, Stephens was able to help public officials navigate and understand the financing plan, support their capital needs and make a successful investment that benefited their community. 

Renovation of the Historic Joseph T. Robinson Memorial Auditorium

Strong local roots and Little Rock pride were important to Stephens’ successful financing of the $70 Million renovation of the historic Joseph T. Robinson Memorial Auditorium. 

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